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Video Streaming in 2020

29 Dec 2020, 18:33 GMT+10

How has 2020 changed the world of streaming services?

Over the last decade, a number of the world's largest telecom conglomerates have capitalized on streaming leisure. The past years have assisted in the speedy development of indoor entertainment as online streaming media have gathered hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

Considering the current pandemic going on, everyone has set their own rules to deal with the Coronavirus: Wash hands, wear masks, and of course, catching up on what to watch next on online streaming entertainment platforms.

With an awful lot of the world's population caught up under quarantine, social-distancing, and lockdown, people's inclination towards streaming has increased drastically depending on the services and channels. The Global demand for entertainment and its way to provide an escape is acting like a jackpot for the streaming services. However, not to forget, the media firms are continuously dealing with new demanding situations and new possibilities and operating to expand technological solutions that assist them to curate the needs.

The outcomes of Covid-19 can be seen on streaming offerings via way of means of looking at how the presently quarantined countries were behaving. People from across the globe can be seen getting innovative with streaming entertainment, streaming concerts, and putting in virtual clubbing and virtual gyms of their residing rooms.

Streaming offerings such as xcine holds a repository of all of the content material available. A customer can surely binge-watch a whole display in an afternoon or can rewatch their favourite episodes every time they need to. This degree of interplay isn't always viable in terms of the conventional mode of entertainment.

The rise of the coronavirus has forced us to sit back in many ways, one being- forcing studios and streaming services to reconsider how they invent and distribute content, leaping launch dates forward, skipping the box office, and ultimately, stop production.

We all love to watch our most awaited favourite movies on big screens? Don't we!

But the spread of the virus has led to shut down of all the theatres. However, the online streaming platforms came to the rescue, and as a result of which the production companies could launch the movies on these platforms, thereby allowing us to enjoy them right from our homes.

This goes in a two-way equation: more time at home meaning more streaming, hence, more streaming implies more profit to streaming companies.

Though there are positive impacts on online streaming, there are various challenges that stream providers face as well.

With the rise in demand, streaming vendors are running out of content material to offer their viewers. Streaming vendors are nervous that this glut of content material, together with the looming hazard of a recession ahead, would possibly motivate their customers to unsubscribe. So to curb it, the providers have to constantly come up with ways to hold on to their subscribers. Though, many providers are addressing this problem by revisiting old shows, while other providers are dealing with it by giving out new content every week.

Advertisers will now get a good impetus to shift online. With increasingly more human locked indoors stuck to streaming and TV, conventional commercial places consisting of malls, cinema halls, and billboards aren't drawing any eyeballs. It necessitates and speeds up the shift of advertisers to online streaming platforms.

The Covid-19 situation is creating an entire nation of home workers, students, entertainment-seeks, and many others all jumping on the internet at the same time, and this does not seem to change anytime soon. Thus, keeping streaming services going is a necessity for education, entertainment, and the economy.

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