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Painting is an art that requires special skills. Only an experienced artist put life to the pictures by filling attractive colors. We often get our pictures painted by an artist or painter to hang on the wall. Sometimes we also gift custom portraits to our dear ones on some special occasion. Likewise, nowadays, custom pet portraits are more in trend.

Almost every household has a pet at their house, whether a cat or dog or any other. People love their pet animals as their family members and love them beyond limits. They love to cherish the moments spend with them and get them framed in a picture. Photographs and paint sketches play an important role in commemorating the special happy moments spent with our loved ones. It is also a unique gift item that can be given to any pet-lover. The recipient may surprise with such a special gift that holds so many emotions and memories.

Such custom pet portraits seem to be more special when our loving buddy is not with us, and we are missing it badly. As we all know the life span of pet animals like cat or dog are too short, like only 10-15 years, but we can have the portrait and pictures for a lifetime. These pictures are a great way to immortalize your pet.

Different ways to get custom pet portraits

Let us discuss some different ways to paint your pet and get them customized by a professional artist.

Photograph to portrait

The very basic way to get a custom pet portrait is to choose an already clicked picture of your pet and get a portrait of it from a professional artist. You can select your favorite photograph from the album, or you may ask the artist to choose the best picture to draw a custom portrait. Make sure the photo you select to get painted must be clear and focused because a blurry or distant picture doesn't show the clear expression of the person and the pet. Moreover, it is hard for the artist to customize it as per your demand. If the background of the image is not suitable, an artist can change the background of the picture to give it a more realistic view.

Live painting

The other way to get your buddy's custom pet portraits is to get a live sketch ready from a professional artist. However, it is quite a challenging task to draw a live sketch of someone; only a professional who has a lot of experience can do it. The other challenging task is to set your pet in the same position for hours. Under this type, the painter sketches the sheet by lively seeing the person or pet in front of him. This needs great effort and concentration. One has to spend long hours to get the best portrait.

This method does not involve any computerized work, but its art of hands and personalized skills. Thus the quality of work varies from person to person, as it is skills-based handcrafted work where every person uses its skills in their way.

Machine painting

Due to advancements in technology, various tools and techniques arrived to ease sketching and painting via computer software. There is numerous software used by painters to get a realistic sketch of the person, pet, or other views. By this, you can also get the custom pet portrait in cartoon form. For this painting, the artist uses special software to convert the portrait into a cartoon character. You are surprised to see the funny image of your beloved pet.

If there are small children at your house, then such cartoonist paintings will attract their attention, and they love to see these hangings on the wall.

These are the three basic ways a painter or artist prepares your pet's portrait and provides you worth spending. After selecting the best way to sketch according to customers' demands, an artist can begin his artwork.

Here are some special tips for the artist which he may use to get the best results.

Use black color in the background

The black color is the best to set at the background of any portrait. The other colors you use in the painting give a full reflection and look more attractive on the black background. Moreover, the black color background gives a professional look to your painting, that your prospective customers get a true worth of their expenditure. Black color puts the spotlight on the main subject that is on the portrait of a person or your pet.

Do regular practice

A true tip to every artwork, whether painting, sketching, cooking, designing or any other, is to practice it regularly. Without practice, you cannot become an expert in your artwork area. How new and good your skills are, it never gets furnished without practice. You will find a huge difference in the quality of your work if you add it to daily routine practice.

Use natural light while painting

If you are drawing the live sketch of the person or your pet, it is recommended to use natural light. It means to make your dog or cat or any other pet sit in natural daylight to get a clear view. There are many little things like fine lines, expression; marks on the body, discoloration of the skin, cramps which make a huge difference. You will find a great change if you draw such sketches in artificial light and natural light because such little marks and discoloration are hardly noticeable in artificial light. Thus to get the true personality custom, pet portraits make use of natural light if possible.

In the nutshell

This article covers the different ways to get custom pet portraits that provide worthy services to the customer. Here in this article, we also provide you with beneficial portrait skills that you can use to get the best results. Apart from this, a painter or artist must keep practicing and update his work skills to learn more.

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