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Helpful Tips to Select the Right Vaping Kit

07 Jan 2021, 05:42 GMT+10

Selecting the right starter kit for vaping is not an easy process. There are countless options to choose from, and all the vaping jargon can become confusing and overwhelming. While this is true, there are a few tips that can be used to ensure the right vaping kit is found and purchased.

While a smart move is to contact IndeJuice for more information about vape kits, by using the tips below, a person will be a step closer to finding the kit that suits their needs and preferences.

The Size of the E-Cigarette

The first thing someone must consider when they are ready to start vaping is the size of the e-cigarette. If someone has smoked cigarettes for years, and they are used to the lightweight, smaller options, they may expect something of a similar size and style. However, vape devices are designed differently, and the size and shape may be intimidating at first.

Any type of vaping pen, cig-a-like, e-cigarette, vaporizer, or another option a person looks at is likely going to be heavier and larger than traditional cigarettes. This is just a fact. It is also true that smaller cig-a-likes (which are e-cigarettes that look more like traditional cigarettes) will not produce enough vapor to provide the experience that makes the switch appealing and desirable without feeling like something is missing. (Insider tip: this is the amount of vapor produced.)

A good quality, properly sized e-cigarette is a smart starting point regarding the amount of vapor that is produced when compared to traditional cigarettes.

MTL or DL Vaper?

A person has to determine if they are an inhaler or a vaper. If someone inhales, they are going to fill their mouth with smoke before it passes into the lungs. In this case, the person is an MTL, or a mouth-to-lung vaper. Most smokers will fall into this category.

However, those who inhale without stopping any smoke in their mouth, and the vapor passes right into their lungs, are considered a DL, which is a direct-lung vaper. It is important to understand that most vape devices will not work for both types of vapers, so make sure you understand which type of vaper you are prior to purchasing a vape kit.

When it comes to MTL vaping, the coils are being used over one Ohm. Sub Ohm coils are designed for DL vaping only. It is also important to determine the total level of nicotine. Any nicotine levels over six milligrams (this is the level used by light smokers) will not work well with a Sub Ohm device. The taste will be bad, and the throat hit that occurs is going to be overwhelming. A sub-Ohm device is designed to be used with lower levels of nicotine. They work even better when no nicotine at all is used.

Cleaning the Vape

This is an important consideration. Is it possible to clean the tank of the vape being considered? Is it possible to replace the atomizer head (coil), or is it necessary to throw out the entire tank once the atomizer wears out? Will the vape come apart for cleaning?

Some newbies to vaping wonder why they need a tank that is cleanable. The first answer should be obvious: hygiene. However, what about when someone wants to change flavors? Finding vaping starter kits that can be cleaned is essential. It is important to note that most of the kits purchased at a local gas station are not cleanable.

Vape Device Capacity

Vaping is dependent on electricity. With this in mind, it is necessary to find a vaping kit that includes a battery that has enough capacity to remain charged for the majority of the day. If possible, find one that lasts even longer. The battery's capacity will be measured in mAh. For example, if a device is rated 650 mAh, which provides a constant output of 3.7 volts, it will last for seven to eight hours of use for an average person. With this, having two batteries charging while using the other one is best.

Another option that is available is called a passthrough battery. This is a device that can power the tank while the device is charging. What this means is that, as long as the user keeps the device connected to a USB port, they can vape regardless of the level of charge the battery is holding.

There is another option, too. Find a battery that has a capacity of at least 1600 mAh. This means it is going to last much longer. While this is true, most people who have vaped for a while agree that having an extra battery on-hand is beneficial just in case it is needed.

Vapor Production

The amount of vapor produced is an essential consideration when choosing a kit. If there is not enough vapor, the user is going to wind up frustrated. There are a few factors to consider when it comes to the amount of vapor that can be produced. This includes the type of technology that is used by the clearomizer, cartomizer, or tank, along with the atomizer head's resistance level compared to the battery output. Even the type of e-liquid that is being used will impact how much vapor is produced.

Many vaping starter kits available today come with a bottom coil (atomizer head). This can be replaced when it wears out and if a user begins to notice that the amount of vapor or the flavor has started to diminish.

Vapor Production Method

When it comes to the e-liquid that is used, there are two main components (not counting the flavor) that can be used as a base. These include PG, which is actually propylene glycol, and VG, which is actually vegetable glycerin.

The higher level of VG in the e-liquid, the more vapor that is produced. However, VG is very smooth in the throat, which means that even though it creates more vapor, it may not provide that 'throat hit' that some people want. With PC, the throat hit sensation is greater, and it is also used because it is ideal for flavor mixing.

Safety Considerations

This is something that should be considered carefully. It is absolutely essential to find a vaping kit that is safe. Many people wonder, if it is a vape device, why would it not be safe?

There are two main things that a user needs to consider. First of all, look at the tank. Is it made of plastic? If it is, it is important to note there are some acidic flavors that may degrade the plastic, which is something that needs to be avoided.

Most people who have vaped for a while agree that glass or even pyrex is the best option.

Another safety consideration relates to the battery. Does it come with any type of security features? For example, does the battery have an auto shut-off just in case a short circuit occurs? The more safety features that a vape device has, the better.

The origin of the meal also needs to be considered. Is it certified? There is a RoHS certification to look for. Products that have this have been tested to prove there is no lead in the device. There are some tanks out there that will begin to rust because the material used to manufacture them was not stainless steel. Instead, the company used a cheaper metal alloy. Along with the contamination risk, the last thing a person wants is to have rust in the tank with their e-juice.


Another important consideration is authenticity. This matter because it is another factor that impacts the overall safety of the device. When someone purchases a clone (which the market is full of), there is no type of guarantee that the materials used are high quality or that the batteries have any type of built-in safety features.

With a product that is RoHS certified (or certified by another company), it means that they are guaranteed to be free of any type of toxic lead that was used in the manufacturing process. Also, there is no warranty when purchasing a clone battery that the features inside the device are safe. Something that is even worse is, when it comes to the coils or atomizer heads, they may have been created using contaminated metal. This can result in the coils burning quickly and not delivering the desired or listed resistance level.

It is also going to be more difficult to find parts that will fit properly because, even though a clone device will look very similar to the authentic ones, there are different sizes and features that make things inconsistent. Remember, when a genuine vaping kit is purchased, the buyer will be protected by the manufacturer.

When it comes to buying a vaping starter kit, there are more than a few things to keep in mind. Be sure to review the information here before going out to purchase any kit, regardless of if it is a person's first or 50th.

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